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2020 was such an unforgettable year! 

... for any wage-earner, manager, leader & investor and any workplace...

Let's explore some of the most popular and innovative insights that Respect Vietnam brought to you this year

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June 2020

How does Covid19 test your organizational resilience?

Organizational resilience in Covid19 is the ability of the whole organization to bounce back from Covid19 - affected status quo into the better shape (pre - Covid or post - Covid).

Organizational resilience explains the agility, flexibility & above of all, the high degree of consensus reached by all individuals & teams in an organisation with regard to where to go & how to get there during Covid.

​The lower degree of consensus is reached, the less resilient the organisation genuinely becomes.

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Anne Nguyen


April 2020

Covid19 - Golden time to tell Good or Bad leadership

Why Covid19 is the golden time to tell good & bad leadership?


Because this is high time for resilience agility & consensus to make right yet quick decisions. No more delay or procrastination about how to measure good or bad leadership.

During Covid19, Good Leaders say "LET'S GO", taking full responsibility to move the organization forward & ahead of Covid. Meanwhile, Bad Leaders say "NO GO", becoming barriers against agile & resilient individuals, teams & organisations

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Jasmine Linh Nguyen 


May 2020

Why are we more cooperative during Covid19?

Four out of six organizations RespectVN have been consulting stayed open (survive) & even thrive during Covid19 despite plenty of lost business opportunities, disrupted cash flows & threats of closure.


From 60% to 100% manpower from the highest levels to the lowest have been voluntarily staying home without pay or continuing work with only 30%-50% pay for 3 months. This is totally different from where wage-earners are forced to quit their jobs, terminate contracts, or accept lower pay without their wills.


What makes them do that?

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Iron Mike

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February 2020

Four manufacturing stories worth sharing

Four medium-sized manufacturers from 4 leading industries (apparel, footwear, electronics, furniture) have their own stories that are worth sharing with RespectVN supports via platforms.


The four stories uphold responsible business conducts that lead to organizational resilience before & during Covid19.

The four manufacturers implement Responsible Business Conducts (RBC) which take forms of (I) more coherent policies, (ii) better policy interpretation & education; (iii) more sustainable due diligence; (iv) better goal consensus on Business Model Canvas

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Linh Nguyen

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February 2020

Aligning minds & actions in an international hotel before & during Covid19

"WEATWORK gives us powerful mindsets & cost-effective tool-sets to bring all 15 hotel departments to the same page of how to make the 2019 Business Model works. Hundreds of us said One BWP - One Voice/One Promise in any meeting"

"When Covid19 hit us, the most important tool we used was OKR Consensus on Business Model Canvas by WEATWORK. It helped us consolidate all data into a ONE-PAGE proposal that made our CEO come up with the final decisions after only 3 weeks"​

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Linh Nguyen


March 2020

Driving cultural changes in an iNGO in building a safe & sound working environment

Creating a unique digital learning campaign that is more people-centric than procedure-centric to drive mindset, behaviour & cultural changes in an international NGO based in Vietnam.

Cultural changes arranged from top-down to bottom-up decision-making practices; from sentimental to fact-based evaluations; from lengthy paperwork to design-thinking & digital learning platform of integrated OD/HR workplace issues. 

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Anne Nguyen


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January 2020

Labor Law Reform 2019 - pending questions 

Tia Sang Magazine: After the official ratification of the new Labor Code on the 20th Nov 2019, there is a number of respondents expressing their surprises. The reason was the number of delays since the Code revision was introduced due to the increasing 

disagreements over several controversial issues. As a labor & manpower expert who has consulted a great deal of companies, international organisations, 

corporations & governments, what is your take on the new highlights the Code has made?


RespectVN Founder: I think the new Labor Code finally got passed on 20 Nov 2019 after a number of delays is a good news. Before that every time a bill was issued a countless number of "heated" debates arrived, then cooled off and some time faded into silence.

Link on Tia Sang Magazine

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Anne Nguyen


December 2020

Grab & Drivers: The relation is yet to be named 

RespectVN's Founder was interviewed about Grab and Grab drivers on Tia Sang Magazine, the official voice of the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Three takeaways from the article: Drivers & Grab: The relationship is not yet to be named:

1. One relationship is governed by 3 laws (Business Law, Civil Law, and Labor Law)

2. GIG economy: pros go away and cons come up when bargaining power is too unbalanced

3. Until laws are coherent, Grab should consider social responsibility on Business Model

​Link on Tia Sang Magazine

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Iron Mike

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November 2020

RespectVN Founder: Decode organisational genes to overachieve (Vietnet24h)

Respect Vietnam CEO/Founder & Creator of Platform was featured in Vietnet24h. 


She was introduced as one of the leading experts in organizational development & people development within Vietnam & in the region. 

"I have a passion in decoding organisational genes or DNA which helps explain their successes, failures or their direction of development as well was their tendency to retain & develop talents to foresee future growth and resilience or not"

​Link on

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Anne Nguyen


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January 2020

Global Hope Conference: Organisational Resilence 

How Covid19 make an impact on leadership, organizational DNA & decision-making practices in for-profit & non-profit organizations in Vietnam?


RespectVN introduced & discussed this concept & the four organizational profiles & practices in Vietnam at the Global Hope Conference organized & participated by hundreds of international policy & business experts around the globe.

"Hot above - cold below" - "Open or close" - "In-sync business model" - "People-centric" are the 4 typical organisations in their Fear zone, Learning Zone, Resilient Zone & Value-aligned Zone. 

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Iron Mike

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March 2020

Train the Trainers: 20 Hours Doing the Right Things Right

It is a growing acceptance that corporates must respect human rights & that corporate human rights abuse can have a significant impact on businesses. However global & local corporate human-right frameworks keep observing disappointingly low scores of responsible business conducts (RBC). 


Heavy investment on due diligence & due diligence reporting with unclear RBC boundaries as well as controversial RBC rankings likely demotivate corporates to perform RBC consistently & sustainably

along their global supply chains.

The online TOT was divided into 4 weekly sessions with enrollment of 50 professionals who aims to motivate individuals, corporates & their suppliers to provide more measurable & sustainable RBC practices. 

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Anne Nguyen


December 2020

Mini Exhibition: 50 Work-Inspired Comics 

"The comics are so mind - provoking and challenging us... They are a revolutionary approach in education & corporate training..."

"These comics enhance our self-thinking & self-challenging ability ... They  are worth a thousand of words.

"It is about corporate governance...organisational development...people development.."

"I like the way Covid19 was focused in these comics...they seem to speak out on our many concerns, worries about future for workers like us...but i like this comic as it shows the Vietnamese spirit of sharing hardship during Covid...maybe this is why we win Covid in Vietnam"

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Anne Nguyen

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