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WE@WORK provides tech-aligned package solutions for workplace parties
to avoid escalated disagreements, costly lawsuits, violent collective actions, controversial public exposé yet promote innovative valued-created efficiency at work:


Employees and employers jointly track customer experiences, map workplace risks, resolve conflicts and promote innovations to cooperate better at work


Trends in conflicts & innovations gives a 360-degree picture of workplace risk & opportunities that drive changes in promoting organisational values 


The most effective changes are testimonials from the best design and execution of any workplace policy's 4P (Problem - Process - People - Purpose)


Tech-aligned platforms & smart apps allow effortless & continuous in-house communication, conflict management, innovative solutions as well as third-party interventions

WE@WORK benefits
One-to-one legal & non-legal consultancy
Online infographic tutorials and tips
Daily knowledge enrichment of employee branding
In-house integrated innovation & conflict management
Continuous 360-degree risk mapping & root cause analysis
Conflict cost & innovation cost calculators
​Innovative performance-based pay & human governance 
100-day proactive workplace innovation challenges
Third-party consultancy & advocacy as early intervention
Online/offline voluntary conciliation, mediation & arbitration
International & local policy influences
WE@WORK on air
Respect Vietnam’s WE@WORK - Wee is recognised by Vietnam National Television as the first tech-aligned conflict resolution platform in Vietnam
Respect Vietnam’s Co-founder is interviewed about technology for social justice & economic growth in Innovation4good - Vietnam Internet Forum 2017
WE@WORK on local news in Binh Phuoc Province in 2016
WE@WORK on Vietnam News promoting peace-building tools to end wildcat strikes
WE@WORK on local news in Binh Duong Province in 2016
WE@WORK updates
WE@WORK (Wee) smart app is coming
Wee is a mobile version of We@work that aims to target more beneficiaries in more cost-effective & less bureatic ways possible 
WE@WORK as Innovation4good Top 3 - Honorary Award Winner
Swedish Government & Lund University awarded Respect Vietnam for its ground-breaking approach using technology while promoting sustainable workplace solutions that has the potential to serve as a best-practice internationally
Wee - WE@WORK as HATCH Fair! United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Finalists
Wee-WE@WORK is recognised as Top 12 Hatch! SDG 2017 and the one & only innovation exclusively in workplace solutions
WE@WORK in Sage Journals as Top 3 workplace solutions in Vietnam
Internationally recognised authors in Sage Journals recognise WE@WORK as one of the best 3 workplace solutions in Vietnam, including ILO Betterwork and VGCL bottom-up initiative
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WE@WORK is the simplest translation of our start-up business model 


WE@WORK is the cheapest tool to test our workplace efficiency  and align customer satisfaction with employee engagement 


WE@WORK  helps us create the real link between Corporate Social Responsibility  and  our business bottom lines, not just with what our clients require

Respect Vietnam is the leading organisational excelence expert in Vietnam & in the region



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