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Labor in TPP - Challenges or Opportunities for Enterprises?

Vietnam's entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) offers a great deal of potential economic opportunities, namely investment inflows, export growth, participation into the pact's supply chains, etc. However, a number of challenges brought about by TPP have been foreseen, including controversial labor obligations that Vietnam must comply with upon the official ratification.

Why are worker rights highly protected in TPP? How to fully understand the obligations and then translate them into workplace practices? Will they purely offer new challenges or genuine chances for the businesses whose visions and strategies are in favor of aligning sustainable development with corporate social responsibility and their own employees' social and economic benefits? With the aim of answering those questions, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Bureau of Employers' Activities and Respect Vietnam jointly organize a workshop:


Time: 13:00 - 17:00 on 29/2/2016 (Monday) Venue: Tien Phong NewsPaper Conference Hall, No. 15 Hồ Xuân Hương Str., Hai Bà Trưng Dist., Hanoi

Please kindly RSVP (online or mail to us via VCCI mailbox) and join us in a quick survey prior to 25/2/2016 here.

Please keep in mind that the workshop language is Vietnamese. We will provide another in English later.

We hope that you will find the workshop informative and helpful.

Any inquiry goes to Mrs. Thanh Hải - Respect Vietnam Tel: 0912 907 557 - 0120 870 6645 Email:


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