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Respect Vietnam’s WE@WORK - Wee is recognised by Vietnam National Television as the first tech-aligned conflict resolution platform in Vietnam
Respect Vietnam’s Co-founder is interviewed about technology for social justice & economic growth in Innovation4good - Vietnam Internet Forum 2017
WE@WORK on local news in Binh Phuoc Province in 2016
WE@WORK on Vietnam News promoting peace-building tools to end wildcat strikes
WE@WORK on local news in Binh Duong Province in 2016
WE@WORK updates
WE@WORK as the flagship coaching program that deploys creative comics & infographics
Starting February 2018, WE@WORK applies coaching programs with creative comics & infographics to enhance member participation & engagement
WE@WORK as Innovation4good Top 3 - Honorary Award Winner
Swedish Government & Lund University awarded Respect Vietnam for its ground-breaking approach using technology while promoting sustainable workplace solutions that has the potential to serve as a best-practice internationally
Wee - WE@WORK as HATCH Fair! United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Finalists
Wee-WE@WORK is recognised as Top 12 Hatch! SDG 2017 and the one & only innovation exclusively in workplace solutions
WE@WORK in Sage Journals as Top 3 workplace solutions in Vietnam
Internationally recognised authors in Sage Journals recognise WE@WORK as one of the best 3 workplace solutions in Vietnam, including ILO Betterwork and VGCL bottom-up initiative



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