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AAV's specific regulations that prevent abuse of authority & hostile working environment in AAV.

Definition of Minor & Major misconducts



Serious, but not so grave

Not warrants immediate suspension, dismissal



Serious and grave

Warrants immediate suspension, investigation/dismissal


Absence from duty without showing proper causes or without reporting the absence in a timely manner, once.

Unpunctuality regarding official work hours.

Failure to repay or justify advances from the Organisation within stipulated time period.

Failure to carry out duties as listed in job description.

Breaking current rules within the Organisation.

Minor Misconduct at Low level which is dealt with informal procedures
(When informal procedures have failed) Minor Misconduct at Medium level which is dealt with formal procedures (P.53/145)
minor misconduct
major misconduct
​Financial major misconduct
  • Fraud or misuse of funds
  • Misuse of administrative rules and procedures for monetary gain.

  • Giving or accepting bribes or kickbacks in the form of money, services, gifts or discounts

Conflict of interest with AAV
  • Holding double employment or working on consultancy, without prior written permission of the CD.

  • Giving incorrect information that will seriously damage working environment and relationship with poor people, partners, among staff.

  • Breaking/violating the Non Confidential Disclosure Agreement/Policy

Unauthorised disclosure 

Publication to any person, group or agency of any of AAV's work without written permission in advance of the CD.

Repeated commission of Minor Misconduct
  • Insubordination.

  • Absence from duty for five  (05) days in total in 30 days since the first day of absence or twenty (20) days in total in 365 days since the first day of absence without information or approval.

Criminal conviction

Any staff member, who unlawfully manufactures, distributes, uses, or is found in possession of mind-altering drugs, or who abuses alcohol 

Detriment to the Organisation's work or reputation
  • Falsifying or in any way tampering with official AAV's records.

  • Forging documents of any kinds.

  • Gambling for money during office hours, on office premises or whilst visiting AAV projects.

Misuse of AAV properties/assets
  • Intentional damage to AAV property.

  • Gross negligence resulting in loss, damage, disrepute to the Organisation

Failure to behave in accordance AAV values 
  • Physical violence against staff, partners or communities

  • Discrimination of any form.

  • Sexual harassment (*)

  • Bullying and harassment.

  • Any staff member who is found to be engaged in activities that show incompliance with the Child Protection Policy will be summarily dismissed. 

  • Direct involvement in party politics whose benefits may conflict with the benefits of AAI and AAV.

Major Misconduct at High level which warrants immediate suspension (Unclarified)
Major Misconduct at Extreme level which warrants automatic & immediate dismissal without notice or any other formality. (P.55/145)
(*) ​Sexual harassment should be considered as Major misconduct at Extreme level, including 04 sexual assaults under Vietnam Criminal Code 2015:​​
  • Rape;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Engaging in sexual intercourse;
  • Molestation.
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