From Gender Learning to Enlightening organisations: Balancing Costs & Benefits of Gender Equity at Work

What is gender enlightening?

Gender Enlightening is the practical period for organizations to self-study, self-correct, self-balance, & self-transform their entire organizations'Gender-based Risk, Conflict, Change, Crisis Management (RCCC) through 4P - Problem Solving - Procedure Improving - People Engaging - Policy Consistency


Why Gender Enlightening?

Gender Enlightening cuts the cost of spinning the circle in understanding Gender Equity. It promotes cost-effective solutions that embed inclusive behaviors in organizational systems and processes. And it can help organizations make a quantum leap toward true diversity.



"Three copies, seven versions" comic explains the challenges Standard Makers, Interpreters &  Appliers have been facing in seeking cohesion in Gender Equality from policies to practices.

Gender Enlightening simplifies & aligns standards, processes & systems to embed Gender Equity in business bottom line decisions.


Leading the Curve

A number of dedicated professionals are unsure they are below, in par, or above the Learning Curve in Gender Equity at work.

Gender Enlightening organizations enable individuals to leverage & lead the learning curve.

43_CSR_Light from outside or within_

Enlightened inside out

Many believe that companies only practice Gender Diversity due to the pressure from outside (the external light going through the lamp in the comic).

However, Gender Enlightening organisations make their own lighting inside out with aligned mindsets & decisions that balance Gender Equity & business bottom lines.

Gender Enlightening tools

Gender Enlightening tools enable relevant partners in an organisation to buy in & act consistently until the transformation is complete. They are developed to be user-centric & cohesive at best


Learning Platform 

All manpower in an organization should be on the same page about Gender Enlightening & how to get there.

Organisational Learning Platform allows all manpower to get 24/7 access to a ready-made & customized knowledge platform with real-time progress tracking suites (upon request)


Design Thinking
​Training Materials

All training materials have interpreted accurately yet inspiringly Gender Enlightenting knowledge into comics & infographics.

This feature motivates all manpower, especially low-level staff, to get full & easy access to Gender Enlightening knowledge at the same level with higher-ups


​Mainstreamed Strategy on Business Canvas

Goal Consensus on Business Model Canvas is a great tool to mainstream all relevant ideas, proposals, & initiatives on Gender Enlightening into a Business Model. 

This tool allows decision-makers to easily calculate, balance & agree on the costs & the benefits of Gender Enlightening initiatives & their impacts on Business Strategies

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