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Trade The Patterns The Revolutionary Way Of Trading The CCI.pdf

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Disclaimer: This document is for educational purposes and isintended to describe how Woodies CCI system is used. Nothingwritten is to be taken as advice, please consult with your brokeror financial advisor before placing any trade. CFTC RULE 4.41Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherentlimitations unlike actual performance record: simulated results dono not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have notactually been executed, the results may have under- orovercompensated of the impact, if any, of certain market factors,such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in generalare also subject to the fact that they are designed with thebenefit of hindsight. No presentation is being made that anyaccount will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar tothose predicted or shown. Notice: Anyone selling or copying thisdocument or changing any information printed within is liable forlegal action. This document is copyright protected.

Best Direct Navigator Free 30 day simulator. It gives fullunrestricted access to Woodies panel with accurate historical andreal-time data. BDN allows for auto trading functionality ofWoodies trade setups. BestPro-Trader Free 30 day simulator. It gives full unrestricted accessto Woodies panel with accurate real-time Call Neil Rogers at(800)546-9423 or (312)775-3543 [email protected] If you have anyquestions about this text, please send me an E-mail to:[email protected]

We hope that after reading this text, you will get the basicidea of Woodies CCI system, an ability to recognize his entry andcorresponding exit patterns. This will also serve as a referencefor all of the vocabulary used in Woodies community of traders, soyou will be able to ask questions in the trading Woodies goal is Traders Helping Traders. Itis my hope that this text will do just that. Jim OConnell

First I would like to thank Jim OConnell of PFG (PeregrineFinancial Group and Peregrine Charities) for reworking thisdocument. This was needed very badly as the original needed to beupdated. Jim spent many hours and hard work putting together thecorrect info and CCI documentation so that traders worldwide wouldhave something to help them in their trading careers and learningthe CCI. Jim has gone past Traders Helping Traders. This isexcellent work, I hope all that read this and learn the CCI will besuccessful and thank Jim. JIM WELL DONE Ken Wood aka Woodie

Who Is This Document ForIf you are new to Woodies CCI Club, Iwelcome you. Id like to share a new and revolutionary way oftrading the Stocks, Options, and the Futures Markets. In thisdocument the methods explained here are directed towards Daytraderswho depend on speed in their order execution and also look to avoidthe Market Noise associated with watching the candlesticks that cantrip up Daytraders. However, Woodies CCI is not limited to justDaytrading but is used by Position Traders and Swing Traders alikein all the different markets. Woodie

Getting StartedMany have asked me what is the best way to learnthe CCI My answer is to start with one pattern, one time frame,one indicator and one set up. I have found too many trying to learnall the patterns at once. All that does is cause confusion andfrustration. Remember KEEP IT SIMPLE. Take one pattern at a time,learn it, follow it, until you can see it on any chart and thatwill hasten the learning curve. Markets will be there tomorrow,next week next month. Do it right the first time and youll see itwill get you up to speed faster. You must be diligent and applyyourself if you are going to succeed. As you move through thisdocument, you will begin to learn the CCI patterns, but dont bealarmed if you need more help. We have a Trading Universitydesigned to continue your education. I will discuss more about ourUniversity later in this document. As you might already know, allmy work is free for traders. If you feel it helps you, please makea donation to the MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION in honor of Woodies CCIClub. Help put a smile on a childs face. I thank you in advance forthat. Woodie

Your ChartsOver the years we have build many wonderfulrelationships with vendors and brokers. At Woodies CCI Club, youwill notice we are vendor and broker neutral. I would like to pointout there are certain vendors and brokers who go the extra mile tosee that Woodies CCI Club accomplishes our vision with theMAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION. I enjoy helping those who are willing tostep up to the plate in helping us. PFG is one of those brokers whohave assisted us in various ways. That is why I am recommendingtheir service at this time. Besides helping us, their service isexcellent and the charting package has all the Woodies CCIfeatures. Youll need to get your own charting package. I wouldpoint out that the Woodies CCI Trading system is unique and whilemany vendors now have the Woodies CCI Trading Panel available,please double check to see if Woodies CCI is offered. Best DirectNavigator by Genesis and PFG brokerage work together to provide theNavigator solution for trading. This includes everything you needto analyze and trade the Woodie CCI System. Demo Registration andSoftware installation: Forassistance call Neil Rogers 800.546.9423 or 312.775.3543 Email:[email protected]

CCI Value Lines and Intro to the LSMAChart 1 below shows asingle yellow horizontal line. This is called the Zero-line (ZL).It has a special meaning in the calculation of the CCI. You maythink of it as the equilibrium of momentum over a given period. Allof Woodies CCI system trade patterns are defined around thezero-line. The chart shows four other lines. The light blue are the100/-100 lines and the white are the 200/200 lines. Chart 2 showsthe ZL as a series of red and green segments. These segmentsreflect the 25 period Least Squares Moving Average LSMA. When thesegments on the ZL are green, this means that the market price ishigher than the LSMA. When red, the market price is below the LSMA.This is also called the moving linear regression curve. The LSMAwill be used in trade confirmation of patterns and exitingpositions. It is not important to understand how the LSMA iscalculated.

Introducing the Sidewinder and Chop Zone IndicatorsChart 3 showsthe location of the new revolutionary indicators that Woodie hasdeveloped to be used with the system. Plotted on top of the 100lines is the Chop Zone Indicator (CZI) and plotted on top of the200 lines the Sidewinder indicator (SI). Both indicators aredesigned to allow traders to react to the sense of sight. Boththese indicators are used only for the Zero Line Reject trade.

The CCIDon Lambert developed the CCI back in the 1980s but hedeveloped it not for trading, but to test the computer. Being amathematician, Don used the CCI to test computers. Not limited tocomputers, Don did write an article on how he thought the CCI couldbe used to trade the markets. Today, 99 percent of the informationfound on the CCI is the way Don Lambert originally designed it. Wehave enjoyed Dons contributions and have had Don as our guest atour Trade-A-Longs. Woodie Chart 4 On the left shows the CCI line.It will always be the heavy black line on Woodies CCI Charts. Thiswill be presented as a histogram. The vertical gray lines will becalled time-bars. It is not necessary to understand the calculationof the CCI line. The CCI settings are 14 periods for all charts upto 60 minutes, 60 minutes and above a setting of 20 is used. Chart5 Shows the addition of a RED line. Woodie only uses two CCIindicators to trade with. One is the CCI 14 period, shown as BLACK,and called CCI. The other is the CCI 6 period, shown as RED andcalled Turbo CCI or TCCI. TCCI is used in the drawing oftrendlines. TCCI can be used as a warning that a pattern might beoccurring, or, in multiple contract trades, used in taking off partof the position.

Woodies CCI Trend DefinedWoodies CCI Trend (trend): A trend isestablished any time the CCI (black line) is either over or belowthe zero-line (ZL) for six or more consecutive time bars. RememberConsecutive is the key word. If the CCI trades on the other side ofthe ZL, this does not negate the trend. If above, trend is up, ifbelow, trend is down. The word trend is used in bold printthroughout this text when referring to Woodies definition. -Amplification * Defines the trend using the CCI indicator only *Does not use price bars to define trend * Does not use any movingaverage to define trend * Does not use a larger time frame todefine trend * Uses the same chart to define trend as to spot a CCIpattern for the market * Each market will have its own trend. It isnot to be considered when taking a trade on another market. You donot need any other charts, markets or indicators to see and definethe trend. When learning Woodies CCI system, Woodie recommends thatyou trade with the trend and that you do not trade Trend-Changingpatterns until you have learned to trade the trend patterns first.Chart 6 shows the addition of red, blue and yellow time-bars. Theyellow time-bars show the establishment of a trend, while the Bluebars show an uptrend, the red bars a downtrend. The yellow time-baris a warning that the next bar could establish a trend.

Learning the CCI Patterns are you readyOk, are you ready tolearn the CCI patterns Yes... Ill bet. Before we dive into eachCCI Pattern, I feel we need to set guidelines on our expectations.Ill also offer some ideas that can help you move through thelearning curve to become a successful trader. Woodie It is wellunderstood that classroom learning is a must, often referred to asexplicit learning. However as with any profession, you mustpractice the actual skill, this would be considered implicitlearning. To help understand what Im saying, how would a musiciansound if he never practiced his instrument, or an athlete who neverpracticed the actual skill he or she competes in This aspect ofyour learning must not be over looked. Step One Explicit Learning:As you are reading this document, you must become very familiarwith each aspect as explained, however, this is not the end of yourlearning curve as a trader. We are just beginning. One of the toolsI ask you to use is the Woodies CCI Trading University As of thisdate; there are over 7,000 entries in the forum of our Woodies CCITrading University. There you will find in-depth answers toquestions that I am not able to cover in this document. The forumis divided into several topics associated with trading. Youll beable to grasp various aspects of each pattern as explained byexperienced traders. Also in our Conference Room hosted , we have on-going seminars on a regular basisgiven by fellow traders along with special guests. This is atremendous benefit and I hope you take advantage of thisopportunity to learn. Remember, this is being done at no charge toyou. 153554b96e


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