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 SSS  Safe, Sound & Smart Schools
as the 2nd homes for our children 

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About Us

What Students Say

"I used to love my school so much. But now I just want to stay home as my friends are so mean to each other. I want my favorite school back" 

What is SSS School?

Kid Playing with Bubble

SSS presents Safe - Sound - Smart labels for any School that put

Safety, Healthy Relations,

Anti - Bullying & other

studying conditions & on top

of their agenda & make

schools as children's

second own home





School for chidlren

Comfort Zone

Click on the tabs to learn about our EMPATHY CANVAS

Empathy Map Canvas

Why your schools need us

Kids for Peace

Your Students

need SSS to fight 

bullying on their own

Mother's Day Card

The Parents

need SSS to understand their kids & support Teachers in ending bullying

Female Teacher during a Math Class

The teacher

need SSS to prevent and address the issue of bullying in schools

Our team

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