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No sexual harassment at work


At Respect Vietnam, we never tolerate unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favour or any types of gender-based harassment

—  All RespectVNers — 


No one committed to his/her career at Respect Vietnam should ever act on his/her sole interest without respecting for the whole organisation


Any act of sexual harassment  that fosters an intimidating and unsafe for any RespectVNer is strongly against RespectVN's working culture 


All RespectVNers together fight for more equal opportunities, fairer workplace practices & better  sustainability in ours and other organisations. 

Any exchange of sexual services for personal gain (promotion or higher pay) or for avoidance of loss (demotion or job loss) is completely against our mission   

At RespectVN, we know trust is built from actions not words

As we are experts in anti-sexual harassment at work, we know that no one trusts our Code of Conduct if our leaders don't act, overlooking bad behaviours and letting them "slide" away like nothing happens. That is why we introduce our best leaders in this regards, who were voted by all RespectVNers based on their level of reputation, responsibility and competencies.

My Lan

Lan is a well-known female leaders who successfully led a number of big teams that win prestigious achievements in business and education. She has no fear saying no to bad misconducts and she believes women's power lies on knowledges. She is determined to spread knowledges hence power to all women she has a chance to meet & work with 

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Ha Dang

She was a victim of sexual abuse & harassment in both life and work. However she won herself and then took knowledge as weapons to win others who humiliated her and her feminism. She has a strong expertise in "doing the right thing right" at work & she have been making organisational changes everywhere. That is why she can listen & act for you

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RespectVN put employees in the centre of our missions

Therefore if the trust has not been built yet between you and our best leaders, we are willing to listen to your voices via the third parties whoever you trust the most.


We can't guarantee that all issues will be solved within a day. However we make sure that they are received, tracked, communicated, & investigated at the highest level of responsibility so that truth is beheld, facts are protected, wrong-doings are not excused yet false accusation is not a source for unhealthy competitiveness 

What are served as evidences against sexual harassment?

Recorded Phone Calls   -    Hand Writing Documents    -    E mails    -     Voice Recorded    -     Original Photos/Videoclips







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