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Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe talks about Learning organisations in Vietnam

H.E Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, Ann Måwe, discusses with the Founder of Respect Vietnam, Ha Dang, how the Vietnamese work, how we comply with regulations & how we adapt to the fast-changing world of work.

"Learning organisations are about learning and training but it is also about creating and enabling environment for everybody to contribute to their full potential"

1. What is the Vietnamese working style?

"In order to have working smoothly with people from different backgrounds, different experiences, you can not have one norm that this is what a worker or co-worker in this organization need to be like you have to be open for everybody to fulfill the full potential on their term and that where the learning come. because we are different and we are need to learn different new things different skills and the employer also have to take responsibility to create space for each worker to reach their potential"

2. Do we learn how to learn?

"What you need to look at any workforce, it’s one that you have a common vision. That you can ensure that all of your co-workers know what is the goal or what are we doing and which direction are we going and then follows what do you need, how we have, how do we do that."

"You have to ask yourself from any level from management and throughout organization do we have the right skills, do we have the right knowledge."

3. How much time & resources leaders should spend on lifelong learning?

"Lifelong learning is crucial, you cannot just attend a university course or some other training and believe that now i know everything, you have constantly learn and i think that goes for anybody in the organization."

"What is needed is not only to identify this need by the management and by the worker themselves but also allow for time and resources to make this happen, because i think in most busy organizations be it in the public or private sector, what is often lacking is to have enough time for skill development training."

"... Let’s take football as an example, you want to score three goals at the end of the match, this is your goal. And the team leader can tell you that we need to score three goals, but you can only tell your staff and your colleagues so much to that you have to discuss who is doing what, who is best at scoring goal, who is best at defending on the other side ..."​


​"There are no great organizations.

There are only great people who make great organizations"


Respect Vietnam prepares purpose-driven leaders

& people-centric organizations

in the face of the fast-changing world of work

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