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Manual of Practices
No sexual harassment at work

What we ALL say

At AAA Vietnam, we never tolerate any abusive sexual harassment behaviours

At AAA Vietnam, we never tolerate any intimidating & abusive sexual & gender-based harassment behaviors which

(i) interfere with an individual’s work performance or

(ii) creates a hostile, abusive, offensive or unfair work environment


—  All AAA members — 

what we say

Who is protected under this Policy?

1. (Sexually) harassed AAA members

2. AAA members who are falsely accused of sexual harassment due to other unfair workplace practices or abuse of power (quid pro quo)

Who is alleged under this Policy? 

1. Any (sexual) harassers whose misbehavirors & misconducts are proved with evidences & testimonials  

2. Any (sexual) harassers whose misconducts reach uninamous agreements of Workplace Committee members.

What our leades say

What our leaders say

At AAA Vietnam, we know trust is built from actions not words

As we are advocates in anti-sexual harassment, we know that no one trusts our Code of Practices if our leaders don't act, overlooking bad behaviors and letting them "slide" away as nothing happens. That is why we introduce our best leaders in this regard, who were voted by all AAA members based on their level of reputation, responsibility, and competencies.

What our Ambassadors say

We believe in organizational justice & equal opportunities for all

If individuals in need of protection choose not to report directly to our best leaders, we Ambassadors who are voted by all employees are willing to listen to our members' voices or even seek supports from the third parties whomever you trust the most.


We can't guarantee that all issues will be solved within a day. However we make sure that they are received, tracked, communicated, & investigated at the highest level of responsibility so that truth is beheld, facts are protected, wrong-doings are not excused yet false accusation is not a source for unhealthy competitiveness 

What our Ambassadors say
What makes us different

What makes us different (1)

We address not only ASHW but also other organization-wide practices

Sexual harassment can only be ended when unfair labor/management practices are conquered
Unfair labor/management practices can be anywhere & at any time. Therefore they should be monitored across a workplace relation cycle restructured from recruitment to separation  -


What makes us different (2)

We address not only ASHW but also other organization-wide practices

Sexual harassment can only be ended when unfair labor/management practices are conquered.
At AAA Vietnam, we believe in the genuine relationship between Anti Sexual Harassment policies and other relevant Human Resource/Organisational Development - HR/OD - policies (ASHW+) 
As ASHW is at the core of the system, it should be monitored in conjunction with cross-cutting & total-behavior-management policies such as Whistle-blowing Protection, Confidentiality, Integrity Non-retaliation & such employment policies as recruitment, remuneration, & discipline.

What our new ASHW+ means offer

(1) More types of evidences against sexual harassment are allowed

The biggest challenge in anti-sexual harassment is traceability. While ASHW means are not yet stipulated in related laws, AAA allows the following means of reporting or whistle-blowing in proof of the facts besides the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

Recorded Phone Calls   -    Witness Statements    -    E mails    -     Voice Recorded    -     Original Photos/Videoclips

What means offer







(2) Whistleblowing protection is prioritised

What our new ASHW+ means offer

(3) Retaliation is strictly prohibited

What our new ASHW+ means offer


Actual harm to person or property 

Wrongful denial of raises and/or promotions

Harassing emails

Wrongful performance appraisals

Baseless reduction in job responsibilities

Baseless reassignment, relocation or transfer

Illegal termination or demotion


Baseless exclusion from business meetings

Baseless exclusion from social events

Implied threat of harm to person or property

Professional opinion no longer requested without reasons

Rude and disrespectful behaviour

(4) Formal process of inquiry/grievance handling


1. Present grievances 

8. Cross question (if any)


2. Receive grievances

3. Draw up allegations

5. Advise & support both sides

6. Organise verbal hearings

9. Take testimonies/evidence

10. Take decision

11. Recommend disciplinary actions

12. Submit final decisions 


4. Prepare responses

7. Cross question (if any)

What our new ASHW+ means offer

(5) Informal process of inquiry/grievance handling

What our new ASHW+ means offer


  • request for mediation

  • (not) agree with conciliators' proposals 


  • given specific request

  • with NO PROPOSAL made


  • given specific request

  • with PROPOSAL made


  • agree to have mediation

  • (not) agree with conciliators' proposals 

Grievances handling

How victims report misconducts

ASHW+ Blue Forms to report misconducts & settle conflicts

At AAA, we don't just encourage reporting or whistleblowing via direct meetings, phone calls, or hotlines as these channels have drawbacks in traceability and grievance handling. We help victims report misconduct via THE BLUE FORM that makes integrity, accountability & communication easy. We used to call it "Easyform" back to 2013-2016


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