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The most dedicated and experienced professionals form Respect Vietnam's team. Besides the following Respect Vietnam's founding members, other 20 associates working across the globe (the United States, China, Vietnam, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Singapore...) are also integral to the development of the team. Other 30 staff are supporting our work (IT, design, production, translation, data analysis, policy analysis, etc.) 


Dang Thi Hai Ha, Founder/Chief Advisor

Founder and Strategic Advisor, Respect Vietnam

Technical Advisor, Made in Vietnam with Respect

M.P.S. in International Development, Cornell University

Founder & Author of WE@WORK - WEE - your workplace risk manager

Inspiring Speaker, Corporate Adviser​, Start-up Mentor

Human capital is vital to any organisation. However its importance has not been recognized in Vietnam, resulting in destructive relationships and negative conflicts at work. Experiencing so many unfortunate governance stories in the past 10 years, I am passionate about helping leaders who believe that human capital is the highest return on investment especially in the face of fast-changing world of work. 

Richard D.Fincher, Senior Advisor

Instructor, Cornell University

Mediator and Arbitrator, Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

Co-author: Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict

2015 Fulbright Scholar to Vietnam in Law and Dispute Resolution

Vietnam has yet truly genuine Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system. Most of labor disputes have been settled at the tip of the iceberg and prone to be costly. My strong belief that it is good time for Vietnam to adopt a very own ADR model that allows public-private efforts to be jointly made. Respect Vietnam has been leading the way with WE@WORK where integrated conflict management is promoted and aligned with sustainable compliance and workplace efficiency. I am honoured to be part of ADR introduction in Vietnam with WE@WORK. 

Vu My Lan, Senior Advisor

Former CEO at Aon Vietnam, Winning Golden Dragon Prizes for the “Best Business Style” and “The Best Service” for 2005 - 2009

Inspiring Speaker, Corporate Adviser​, Start-up Mentor

Human capital leads us from good to excellence. In the past years of engaging talents and professionals, I realise that lack of people engagement has misled many leaders and organisations. No matter how much they invest in systems, the systems still fail as they don’t engage their people and motivate them to overachieve. I am determined to join the journey to best engage people and create more organisational values with Respect Vietnam. 

Johan Lindholm, Senior Advisor

Former Cluster General Manager at Vingroup, Vietnam

Winning Best Leader Award, Hilton Corporations

Co-developer of 360MOON - 360 Degree Multi-Disciplinary Operational & Organisational Mapping 

Inspiring Speaker, Corporate Adviser​, Start-up Mentor

I don’t believe in managing people with fear and military orders. In the past 20 years working in one of the most complicated sectors - hospitality, my belief only accelerates. Poor people - centred leadership always leads to costly lawsuits, high turnovers, low productivity and unpredicted collective actions having been pervasive in Vietnam lately. Better technology and better expertise are enabling us to develop more cost-effective and sustainable solutions in engaging people. I’m proud to be part of Respect Vietnam in this effort. 

Phung Quang Huy, Senior Advisor

Former General Director of VCCI Bureau of Employers' Activities

Industrial and Labor Relation Expert, Corporate Adviser​

Labor politics have been always complicated at the central level in Vietnam. Meanwhile at workplace level, employers and employees are struggling with daily conflicts and such persistent disputes as wildcat strikes. Poor communication, low-performing governance and poor human capital investment among others are key to the problems. I'm happy to join hands with Respect Vietnam team in developing lasting solutions to these issues and bringing best workplace practices. 


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