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2013 - present

Since 2013, RespectVN successfully developed & delivered a number of public-private projects in organizational transformation, workforce transformation, business/manpower strategic alignment & (inter)national standard advocacy, etc. in Vietnam and in other countries. 

Founder Letter
Ten years ago, upon realizing how significant and costly the perception gap
has been between relevant stakeholders, professionals, and practitioners with
regard to balancing economic growth and people development in organizations in
Vietnam, Respect Vietnam has made a number of efforts to fill the gap.

The bottom line is the value shared & the trust built among various layers of manpower within
each organization, especially in the face of a fast-changing and myth-driving world of work.

​Like icebergs, organizations have been facing a number of unseen risks below the water while floating into global economic oceans. Risks will be further exposed or stay unseen if organizations are not prepared with the healthy alignment among people, resources, and technologies to fill the internal and external gaps.

Respect Vietnam is determined to prepare for people-centric organizations and their purpose-driven leaders who have visions that take people at the heart of their core values.

Our favorite saying is "there are no great organizations, there are only great people with aligned minds that make great organizations".

Please find below the updated information about RespectVN's work in the eight-year timeline. We are delighted to have your cooperation & support in our new innovative & respectful journeys.

In partnership,

Ha Dang
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