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Opportunistic compliance

February 28, 2018

Since 2013, a number of employers cut bonuses, reduce allowances, increase working time, raise labor production norms, etc. to preserve compensation budgets in response to significant annual minimum wage hikes stipulated by the Vietnamese government. Therefore any employers who respected MW policies without making these arbitrary actions become much less competitive than those who made them. Why and how this had happened?

Mininum Wage Controversy in Vietnam

January 31, 2018

National Minimum Wages have been perceived as one of the most important labor policies to address industrial unrests, improve working conditions and enhance labor productivity in Vietnam. However the controversial debates seem not yet to go an end. 

Factory Toilet Time Limit

February 07, 2018

Since 2014, few cases about manufacturing factories set limits on toilet time for production workers have been reported. The reports triggered a wild-spreading public outrage about human right violations across Vietnam.  However whether this is a human right or labor right issue, why it happens and how it has been addressed so far have been not discussed in the country. 

Fair and Unfair Recruitment in Vietnam

April 14, 2018

How is recruitment actually happening in Vietnam? Why fair hiring is a good practice in a few sectors but still a giant myth that needs busted in most of others?  And the most important question that needs a genuine and practical answer: How to actually make it fair in Vietnam? 

Social insurance for wage-earners

April 21, 2018

An increasing number of wage-earners surveyed have responded that they are getting more hesitated to get social insurance in Vietnam. What is the root-cause and how to address?

Social Dialogue in Vietnam

May 28, 2023

Social Dialogue is a very board term to use in practices. It could be perceived as good-quality communication married with genuine commitments and actionable activities in any organisation. It could be a good means for organisational development. However if misused or underperformed it could become a barrier for professional teamwork development. 

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